Our Firm

Cedarwinds is an independent, fee-only investment advisor registered with the SEC. Our award-winning program is on the leading edge of the investment management profession. Our program focuses on global risk management, employing a rules-based investment approach that is simple, straightforward and designed to benefit investors in all market conditions. Our business model has evolved from what we have learned over many years of hands-on, professional money management experience as well as extensive research in the academic and financial practitioner’s literature.

Our Philosophy

We believe the markets are generally efficient and that price movements are uncertain. Our belief is that investors are unable to perform better than the market over time. We make investment decisions based on facts, not speculation. The facts support the view that it is impossible to consistently pick the best stocks or identify the best money managers, or to accurately predict market movements.

Our Clients

We look at the investment world from the perspective of the investor. We believe this means listening carefully and doing what is right for each client. We use a consistent approach to help clients build and preserve wealth over time. Our approach is based on a proven market philosophy and a disciplined, rules-based investment process. Our process is consultative and involves identifying client investment objectives, measuring risk tolerance levels, and matching these with the most appropriate investment solution.

Our Solutions

Our investment solutions take advantage of the empirical relationship between risk and expected return. We use structured index mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to create portfolio solutions designed to meet a full range of investment objectives for individual and institutional investors. Our portfolios have been developed with the goal of achieving the highest risk-adjusted returns available using a strategic allocation of globally-diversified asset classes. We blend together these asset classes in order to isolate risk and mitigate volatility while seeking investment performance that matches or beats comparable market benchmarks. Our solutions also provide important benefits to investors by virtue of their low cost and high tax efficiency.

Our FirmCedarwinds Investment Management LLC

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